Younger men and cougars

Dating at our age is not fun. Many of us have either had children and/or been divorced. Males our age prefer females young enough to be our daughters. In the USA, it seems as if we are groomed to discard “the old.”

Males have always had it easier. Due to our outnumbering them, the competition is greater, and males have to operate with minimal effort. They are attracted to physical appearance, because they are not as linguistically intelligent as females. Women tend to be attracted to men who stimulate our minds as well as our libidos.

Males our age tend to “let themselves go,” whereas younger males tend to upkeep themselves. Older males want to be taken care of but want to take care if young females in monetary ways to keep them from leaving. As women, we deserve to have eye candy in addition to our “duties” as being eye candy. As such, do not feel bad about finding younger men attractive.

The thing about younger males is that they typically seek structure and comfort of older, wiser, mature women. It is similar to an Oedipus complex. Who does not want to see a nice six pack abs? Or well defined triceps? No, it is not shallow!

Out of fear of loneliness, females tend to settle. I call that community service, and my community service days are OVER! Respect yourself and elevate your self esteem. Do not settle! Reclaim your life and admit what you deserve! Why do I call it community service? In settling situations, we accept those who do not have many qualities we seek in mates, and we accept those who may not necessarily treat us properly all of the time.

There was a lengthy period in my life when I dated only males who were sloppily overweight, severely unattractive, and/or both! “Your standards are too high… Lower your standards… Like you can do better.” After having appeared in men’s magazines, I realized that while I did not find myself to be attractive, others did. Therefore, I deserve to find someone to whom I am physically attracted. Typical male response, “I’ve dated hotter girls than you.” My response, “Good! Then go find one of them!”

It is NOT shallow! Do you want to enjoy looking at the person you are kissing? Or would you rather attempt to suppress vomiting each time the person kissed you? I wanted to stop vomiting. If he expects eye candy, so do I. If he wants to be with me, because I maintain my physique, it is only fair for me to be with a man who respects his body as much as I respect mine. If he wants me to have pride in my appearance, he should return the courtesy.

Ladies, stop allowing males to shatter your confidence! It is not wrong to seek out attractive males even if they are much younger than ourselves, as long as they are not jail bait. You are only a cougar if you “prey” on young males. You are not a cougar if they prey on you.

Stay tuned for tips on connecting with younger men.