The Mature Makeup Maven is… an imaginative writer, freelance makeup artist, photographer, researcher, statistician, nerd, perpetual student, and creative director who uses art to express unique concepts. Portions of this site are password protected in an attempt to avoid image and/or identity theft.

Mature Makeup Maven is a site dedicated to and written by a beauty blogger over 40. Makeup purchases do not end at 39, so why should the mature makeup population be ignored? Women are beautiful at all ages, so let us celebrate together.  Upon researching mature bloggers, MMM is the first mature makeup blog in Florida!

On this blog, you will find links, tips, resources, inspirational quotes, and information from a mature perspective pertaining to makeup and beauty products. You will also find tutorials for wearing and applying unconventional colors and styles to mature women. We are not getting younger in years, only in spirit, so let us embrace our beauties.

The Mature Makeup Maven is a professional, freelance makeup artist and photographer who has had many obstacles to overcome. As a child, her formative years were spent in the Deep South where schools were still de facto (legally) segregated. Being Asian, she was persecuted by blacks for being too light and whites for being too dark. The only time the colors united was to bully and physically abuse her. No support was given by school administrators as they persecuted her for being a lonely shade of grey. During that time, Asians only existed in movies, and they could all jump to tree tops, because they were all ninjas. The daily beatings did not end until her family moved.

The Mature Makeup Maven is self-taught and has worked both in front of and behind the camera.  Her true passion is writing and researching.  She has written several scholastic papers regarding the relationship between adolescent participation in delinquency and after school sports and American stereotypes of Asians. Her degrees are in psychology, criminology, and Asian studies. She speaks English natively, a little Mandarin, and used to be fluent in German and French.

She began photography and makeup when she was old enough to hold a camera and brushes.  After having appeared in major publications online, and on television, she retired to concentrate more on artistic expression and academic pursuits.

Despite hearing she is pretty, the Artist grew up not finding herself attractive and began modeling in 1988 to prove that she could not succeed. The only one proved wrong was herself. In the beginning, she only accepted assignments with non-profit organizations as she was raised to volunteer.
Being very selective with the assignments, the Artist was told she would never become a real model if she did not pose nude or in bikini/ lingerie. In 2001, a webmaster solicited her to build a website, which, by the end of two months,became ranked in the top 10 of the 1000 most downloaded models, as tracked by then Top Net Models. In 2002, her rank slowly increased to 7, to 5, then in December 2002, her ranking was number 3. Those ranked above her had all posed nude, bikini, lingerie, or some other manor that displayed a lot of skin.

The Artist proved that there is no correlation between beauty and nudity. A woman can be beautiful without straddling furniture or being dressed indecently. There is a difference between Playboy and Hustler. Even if in lingerie or bikini (as she was a Maxim Hometown Hotties contestant, in FHM 20 Hot Dates, and Stuff Magazine Online), she poses very strategically such that a very limited amount of skin is shown and all of the shots are tasteful. Her work has appeared in Maxim Magazine Online, Mystique Magazine ModelSafari Online, FHM (print and online), Stuff Magazine, Orlando Style, Model Ephemeris, Digital Runway, and various other types of print format. She has modeled for USO, Buick, Plug-N-Go, Meadow Point Productions, Capristan Swimwear, and more in print, at conventions, web advertisements, etc.

Having finally proved that a woman’s beauty is not measured by the amount of skin she bares to all, she began to speak at local high schools and to offer a program for those with low self-esteems to win a free makeup and photography session. In addition to modeling, she coaches cognitive restructuring to those with low self-esteems.

As a master of knowing her angles and how to work the camera, she rarely appears the same in any two photos, and her trademark is not smiling. During her modeling years, she wanted females to be comfortable with themselves and tried to set an example for them by not airbrushing or altering her works. She is currently a contributor to as an Orlando Makeup Examiner and Parle Magazine for makeup editorials.

Currently, the Mature Makeup Maven is matriculating towards her third graduate degree and lives with physical disabilities. While these disabilities and physical limitations greatly affect her daily activities, she finds enjoyment by sharing beauty tips with others in hopes that they may find strength to let their inner beauties shine.