Tumblr supports cyberbullying, discrimination, hate, defamation, harassment, slander, and libel

Reasons you should boycott Tumblr:

In response to a claim of cyberbullying, harassment, discrimination, hate, and more, Tumblr responded that none of those violate terms of service and that the behavior / posts are acceptable. Their suggestion was to block offenders. However, offenders do not have to log into Tumblr to leave harassing, bullying comments and messages. Additionally, blocking them does not prevent them from creating / using additional profiles and having their friends use their profiles to further harass and bully.

Tumblr stated they are "neutral" and are not responsible for cyberbullying, harassment, hate, discrimination, etc. on their site. By using Tumblr, you are compromising your safety, security, and endangering yourself by being exposed to hate and attacks promoted by Tumblr.

It seems that Tumblr has become the new MySpace. Mainly irrelevant individuals who have yet to mature. While current generations cry about cyberbullying, they are the ones who bully.

Boycott Tumblr, if you stand against cyberbullying, discrimination, harassment, and hate.