March 8 – holidays

International women’s day
National peanut cluster day
Genealogy day
Proof reading day


In central and south Florida, we do not have “real” winters. Around October, I find myself pulling out the heavy leather. It seems as if I am being short changed by Mother Nature. If you are going to give me cold, at least give me a little snow.

Pretty winter lips

Even though the cold in Orlando has passed, below are a few Urban Decay lip colors you can wear should Mother Nature relapse. These colors can give you that been out in the cold all day look without having been out in the … MORE

Holiday Looks – Urban Decay December

Look details to follow…

Eyeshadow:  Honey, Peace, Graffiti, Frigid, moonshine cream, grass cream, radium cream, vapor, uzi, strip, S&M, polyester bride, kiddie pool, green goddess, asphyxia, chronic, electric, narcotic, revolver, graffiti, atmosphere, bobby dazzle, 54
Eyeliner:  liquid perversion, liquid radium, liquid revolver, … MORE