What younger men want

Alia asked if younger men really want structure. After explaining this hypothesis is from years of personal experience, I conferred with my younger man, D-Tox. He confirmed my hypothesis is accurate for and applicable to him and his friends.

D-Tox and I concluded possible reasons that young men prefer … MORE

Younger men and cougars

Dating at our age is not fun. Many of us have either had children and/or been divorced. Males our age prefer females young enough to be our daughters. In the USA, it seems as if we are groomed to discard “the old.”

Males have always had it easier. Due … MORE

Miscellaneous Experience

The Artist has spoken at local schools to show children that negative energy can be channeled into art for productive outcomes.  She used to have a program for those with low self-esteems to win free modeling sessions after cognitive restructuring.  Throughout her modeling career, the Artist has matched amateur models … MORE