Natural Beauty

Women are often compared to unrealistic ideals of what women should be in a physical sense. These portrayals are perpetuated by the media’s plea for sex to sell products. Bra ads use teenage girls, which precludes women in their 40s and now in their 20s from feeling sexy. The key … MORE

Mireya Oyola spring 2011 fashion week inspired makeup

In my last installment of spring 2011 fashion week inspired looks, Orlando model, Mireya Oyola, posed as my model. Some of you may remember her from two other articles – one about etiquette and one with … MORE

Bright eyes, average city

Some couture trends are not fashionable for Orlando. We have become a city where comfortable is our sad mediocrity. Although, makeup should merely enhance natural beauty, there are times when makeup can be fun. Orlando makeup artists often lose sight of … MORE

A Jennifer Lopez spin on natural beauty

If you recall my series about natural beauty and makeup to enhance the same, you will remember the simple steps I referenced to make it seem as if you are barely wearing makeup at all. In my other article about enhancing natural features, … MORE