Natural Beauty

Women are often compared to unrealistic ideals of what women should be in a physical sense. These portrayals are perpetuated by the media’s plea for sex to sell products. Bra ads use teenage girls, which precludes women in their 40s and now in their 20s from feeling sexy. The key … MORE

Green and gold




USF bulls are we. We hold our standards upright and free. For green and gold we stand united, our beacon lighted and noble to see. USF bulls are we, for USF we’ll always be. With all our might, we fight the battle … MORE

Mireya Oyola spring 2011 fashion week inspired makeup

In my last installment of spring 2011 fashion week inspired looks, Orlando model, Mireya Oyola, posed as my model. Some of you may remember her from two other articles – one about etiquette and one with … MORE

Sephora deals under $15

Want to expand your makeup kit or try new cosmetics lines? I am going to try my best to regularly post great deals for $15.00 or less. These items make great gifts for loved ones or yourself for any occasion.