Frequently Asked Questions – Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc.


When was Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc., launched?

  • Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc. (“OAM”), launched online in May 2013.

Why should I shop at OAM?

Important Session / Shoot Information


Sessions typically begin at 08:00 unless otherwise specified by the OMJ.  Shoots typically end between noon and 14:00.  Please pack snacks and water for yourself!

The OMJ typically requires gosees to exchange portfolios and give models more information as well as give them ideas of … MORE


What is a gosee?

It is an entertainment industry term that pretty much means an interview.  Casting staff, creative staff, and other industry professionals use this as an opportunity to meet potential models / thespians / actors / actresses, discuss with them their backgrounds, review portfolios, and basically determine if … MORE