Spring floral look

D-Tox requested I do something with purple and nude lips. I like to involve him in my makeup decisions sometimes. It reinforces his importance and integration in various facets of my life. Additionally, it spices things up and lets him feel a sense of control and stimulates his visual senses. Men need to feel important, and this is one way I show D-Tox he is.

In this photo, I do not remember specific brands, which is fine. This blog is not to promote anything other than life. I definitely did use Anastasia Beverly Hills Ebony Dipbrow Pomade. Gold over top lid to just above crease. A purplish pink color for a cut crease. The pink is faded upwards to brow where a beige color accentuates the brow bone. Black eyeshadow powder was used as liner to form the cat eye. A taupe color was used under the eye for high definition. Highlighting and contouring were emphasized with a faint hint of blush that is slightly darker than skin tone. Lips were lined with MAC Spice then overlaid with an older, iridescent MAC lip gloss.