Royce impact free sports bra

If you follow my blog, you are aware of my skin sensitivity. Most bras, especially for full busted women, contain polyester. In 2012, I discovered the Figleaves website that offers bras in sizes beyond what is offered in the USA. Their size range is incredible. One bra with which I fell in love immediately is the Royce Impact Free Sports Bra. It is 100% cotton and very comfortable. This bra is supportive during most exercise; however, I find myself layering it over another bra on intense cardio days for added support and coverage. The best thing about this bra is there are no wires!

In the video, I am wearing Dissident Gym Wear black, unisex joggers and using a Power Systems 2 lbs. PoweRope. The PoweRope is durable, and the weight is distributed throughout the rope itself. It does not contain sand, so you will not have to worry about it breaking and making a mess.