Review of shien cosmetics gold viper

Although I like Shien Cosmetics Forbidden City, I was gravely disappointed with Gold Viper. It streaked, clumped, and was very sheer. My dermatologist confirmed the lipstick, just as with Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop lipsticks (suspected to be Lady Burd), caused an allergic reaction. My lips have been in recovery since then.

When I contacted Shien, a representative stated the Gold Viper formula is the same as their other lipsticks but with glitter. She further suggested I exfoliate my lips; however, the condition of my lips resulted from product usage rather than improper grooming.


I attempted to try the product three times, each time triggering allergic responses. Shien wrote that Gold Viper is sheer; however, there is a disparity between the level of sheer reflected in photos on their website and actual level of sheer. The product took approximately five minutes to apply and was incompatible with the same lip balm that worked under Forbidden City. I have tried Gold Viper over lip balm, bare skin, and lip pencil each resulting in failure. Gold Viper has the same effect when applied over Forbidden City and the back of my hand.

The alluring aspect of Shien Cosmetics Gold Viper is the color. It appears copper rather than gold — sort of an orange tinge. The most disappointing aspect is Gold viper does not apply evenly, consistently, or opaquely.

Please keep in mind that this review reflects my own personal experience! Your experience may be different. This product was purchased by me for review purposes.

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