When booking a free or paid shoot, please keep your appointment. Most central Florida models flake at the last minute without consideration to the inconvenience they are cause many other people. I will start listing them by names!

When booking, I create looks specifically for each person. I go out of my way to research and purchase items I believe will enhance the model’s features. This costs me money. This does not cost the model anything. I spend gas money and my time off going from store to store to search for and purchase accessories and props. Again, this costs money and time I could have spent otherwise booking a session. This costs the model nothing. I test the look on myself. If it is not perfect, I begin the process again until the vision comes alive. I sew, craft, paint, create, and design props and accessories for the model. This is my money, not the model’s. Sometimes I ask other people to assist with the session such as a lighting technician, another photographer, a hair stylist, and/or an assistant. That is my money and their time. Lack of a model’s consideration affects my finances and schedules of others.

A model from Titusville requested to shoot with me. She said it would take 1.5 hours to drive to the shoot location. I gave her the number to contact in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, because I knew I would not have email access. Thirty minutes before the scheduled shoot time, P. Epstein sends an email stating she could not attend due to her boyfriend. She did not have the professional courtesy of calling, and without email access, the email was not received until four hours later. Not only did she waste my time and money, she wasted the time and money of others, and I declined a paid gig for her shoot.

If models do not confirm the night prior and the morning of, it is a clear sign s/he is an unprofessional flake.

In the dual role of photographer and makeup artist, it costs me gas money, equipment fees / costs, booking time, accessories, props, replacement for depleted makeup, and hiring others. All it costs the model is gas and laundry. Last minute cancellation and no shows can cost me well over $100.00, and trust me, you are not worth that much trouble. Please be professional.