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Lift up Autism September 23, 2017

I want to share an event, so you could help encourage your gyms to participate. It is free to host. Research studies show that exercise helps autistic people by engaging motor functions affected by the disability. 

Autism awareness and research are important, because adults are not familiar … MORE

Why I no longer support diva mode fitness 

Diva Mode Fitness claims to be based on female empowerment. Their ambassador program is supposed to help the ambassador succeed through support and sales. However, sales were not credited, and support was not given. My questions went unanswered. Here is a list of items that make MORE

Dissident Gym Wear Aria Leggings

Dissident Gym Wear Aria Leggings are very comfortable. The fabric moves with your body and is stylish. The mesh is sexy with conservative coverage. They are marketed as compression pants, but the only compression factor I felt was gently around the abdominal cavity. The material is nylon and … MORE