Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships can work with effort by both parties. The first thing to remember is patience is required. Both individuals have needs that must be met. Separation can strengthen or weaken the bond.

When you find the right person, you will likely experience separation anxiety, even if you typically tend to be a lone wolf.

Things that may work.

Nightly or regularly videoconferencing sessions. The visual experience reminds you of the little expressions you find darling.

Daily or nightly telephone calls, especially when you are unable to videoconference. Hearing each other’s voices remind you of the comfort you feel during conversations.

Stay positive. Do not dwell on negativity. Tension from distance will mount, so do not let it cause an argument.

Never go to bed angry or with an unresolved argument.

When making plans to schedule visits, follow through! If s/he says, “I have a day off in three weeks. Could you find out if you can take the day off to see me?” Do not wait until the last minute to determine if you can ask your boss for the day. Delaying asking shows seeing your mate is not important to you.

Compromise. You both have to work on the relationship issues together.

If it becomes too much work, the. Be prepared to consider maybe it was not meant to be.