What is a gosee?

It is an entertainment industry term that pretty much means an interview.  Casting staff, creative staff, and other industry professionals use this as an opportunity to meet potential models / thespians / actors / actresses, discuss with them their backgrounds, review portfolios, and basically determine if the talent suits their needs by personality, looks, or other criteria.

A gosee is similar to a job interview for models and actors.  Please be professional and prepared.  If you do not have professional shots or a portfolio, be prepared with snap shots.  Many clients want to know that the models have range.  For example:  it would not be in their best interest to hire Zoolander, because all of the shots will look the same.  Range is ability to vary facial expression and look.  Some models are only faced with promotional modeling.  Some only have a high fashion look.  Others only appear commercial.  Clients want to see a variety to know that models / actors are expressive with their faces and body languages to produce various images from which to select.

Ask your agency or whomever scheduled the gosee about expected attire at the interview.  Some clients like to see models / actors with minimal makeup, because the photos speak for themselves.  Dressing profession appropriately is best.  This may not require formal attire or a suit (unless otherwise specified by the agency or casting director).