Frequently Asked Questions – Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc.


When was Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc., launched?

  • Orlando Airbrush Makeup, Inc. (“OAM”), launched online in May 2013.

Why should I shop at OAM?

  • We are based in the central Florida area and travel to south Florida.  Artists can visit Ulta and Sephora to sample mainstream products.  However, it is more difficult with indie brands.  There are a lot of considerations such as customer service, product quality, etc.  At OAM, we want to bring the shopping experience to the customer and afford them the opportunities to sample indie brands and select the right colors.

Services / Promotions for Vendors

What incentives does OAM offer vendors?

  • Considering that we mostly stock indie / independent brands, we offer free professional photography of products we stock or sample.  For example, if a vendor would like us to consider stocking one of their colors, and they send the sample in a jar rather than a reclosable bag, we professionally photograph the jar’s contents and provide the copyrighted images to them.  Most indie brands cannot afford professional photographers, or they or their friends photograph their products with improper lenses or lighting conditions.  We value the time and effort it takes for them to create their product, so we show their appreciation for their crafts by providing the images for their use.
  • We also offer press announcements and interviews for new products, new colors, product reviews, and how products were born.

What incentives do you offer makeup artists for shopping on your site?

I am a makeup artist.  How may I get featured on the homepage?

  • Please click here for submission information.

I am a model.  How may I enter the model search?

  • If you are in the Orlando or Miami area, please contact our Talent Coordinators to schedule a free test shoot including makeover and head shot session.

How do I vote for models to appear on the home page?

Do you have a professional discount program?

Who does your site photography?

  • Photography that appears on our site are provided by our vendors unless otherwise watermarked.  Our in-house photographer does the rest.

Shipping / Returns

Why is shipping a little more expensive than other sites?

  • OAM has had several bad experiences with USPS indicating packages as delivered, but the packages were never delivered and were lost by USPS.  We do not want our patrons to suffer having to file claims with USPS.  It is much easier to deal with UPS.

Why does OAM not accept returns?

  • Due to sanitation concerns, we are unable to accept returns.  Additionally, any skilled artist can make colors work for them. They can add them to mixing mediums.  For example, shimmer and opalescent colors can be added to foundations to create highlighters, shimmers, and light reflecting liquids.  Loose powders can be added to eyeliner mixing mediums, clear lip gloss, and clear nail polishes to create new or enhance old colors.  Mixing and creating can be quite fun!
  • Please note that we are not responsible for any reactions (i.e. allergies, sensitivities, contact dermatitis, etc.) any consumer may have resulting from any product purchased through OAM.  It is strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment with OAM to sample products prior to purchasing them.  We can go to your location if you are along the lines of our travel.

Why does OAM not ship internationally?

  • We are a small business, and we are unable to offer affordable, international shipping options.

Do you accept COD (cash on delivery)? 

  • We do but only in areas of Florida that are congruent with our representatives’ travel schedules.  In other words, if we are touring Orlando while you are there, we can personally deliver products to you.


Why does OAM only stock loose powders?

  • OAM’s target market is professional makeup artists, freelance or otherwise.  We want to offer the flexibility of complete control over color customization.  This enables artists to mix client specific colors on the fly.  Loose powders are easier to handle with this respect.

Will OAM be stocking other airbrush lines?

  • Yes. We hope to carry more lines in the near future.  However, as a small business and starter company, we want to begin with a couple of trusted brands before making large commitments.

Will OAM only stock indie brand loose powders?

  • We prefer to stock indie brands, because we believe in small businesses supporting each other.

I have make my own cosmetics.  How may I be considered to get my products in your store?

How do you select which vendors to use?

  • We sample the products to make sure they are able to easily be mixed with mediums.  If you are interested in stocking your products in our store, please contact our Talent Coordinators for information on how to submit samples.  We try our best to only stock colors that are appropriate for a wide range of skin tones.  Many cosmetics companies claim to have highly pigmented products, but they are only visible on fair skin.  We want our stock to be visible on fair to dark.

Why do some products appear more/less full than others?

  • Loose eyeshadows are packed by weight, not volume. Due to some ingredients settling more/less than others, visual fullness is affected.

Why are some products a little more expensive than visiting the vendor’s website directly?

  • It costs us more money to obtain and stock the product than we would like just so we can carry the brands consumers want that are logistically out of their reaches.

Why are some products listed as “special order items?”

  • Those are products we do not currently stock but can access.  If you order something through us that is available on one of our vendor sites, it will take us a little longer than usual to obtain then ship the product to you.  However, once you order an item that is “special order,” we will do our best to stock that item for your convenience.  Additionally, as we are a company with a new idea, we want to test the market to see what is demanded.  Then we will supply it.