Free makeup!


I have spent days going through my makeup to whittle down my kit from an entire room (no exaggeration) full of cosmetics colors to a carry on suitcase.


Most of it is MAC Cosmetics, some is Chanel, Prescriptives, and other brands. There is nothing wrong with the makeup. I need to purge colors I no longer use and am consolidating my kit to airbrush makeup.

While supplies last, if you book and complete a full makeup session, you will receive some makeup color samples for FREE! That’s right. I said free makeup. If you are asking yourself, “What’s the catch,” then think of it this way: it is similar to purchasing a makeover at a beauty counter or store and being able to redeem a portion of the session payment for product. It is similar to having to purchase a certain amount of product to get a “free” makeover.

You can think of it like this:

1. A $100.00 hand applied makeup session with five free color samples;

2. A $100.00 hand applied makeup session with $25.00 redeemable in product; or

3. A $100.00 hand applied makeup session reduced to $75.00 plus $25.00 of samples.

If you purchase false eyelashes from , you may be eligible for a free pair and 30 minute headshot session.

The economy is not doing well, but you do not have to look like the economy. Schedule your session by calling 407-505-0665 (OMJ), the

Model pictured above:  Melinda Sabina.