Dissident Gym Wear black compression shorts

Although I am ambassador for Dissident Gym Wear, I will not refrain from posting honest opinions. Research studies show autistic people are not likely to be dishonest. I was reticent to try the compression shorts, because I have very sensitive skin. Polyester charge my skin raw, breaking it open, trapping fibers, and blistering. However, I tried the black Dissident Gym Wear compression shorts. 

The fabric is smooth and soft against my skin. Minor irritation but no chaffing. I recommend these shorts for the gym – glute days or days you are feeling extra leggy. At the time I purchased the medium shorts, my waist and hip measurements were 32" and 43" respectively. They did not feel extremely tight, but I decided to get a large. As I said, they are very comfortable. I wear them under work pants to easily change from suit to gym. Use my link for a 15% off code