Cliques never mature

The beauty industry is fierce in itself. The best way to become successful is to network. For females, that means being extroverted. The core tenet of extroversion is, “How can knowing you benefit me?” In contrast, introverts think, “I’m sorry. Who are you? Sure, I don’t mind knowing you as long as you don’t require maintenance.”

The blogger world is cut throat competition. Few ride to the top, and even fewer are Asians in the United States. Networking is difficult when females tend to form cliques, use the extroversion approach, and tend to only collaborate and/or support those who share similar characteristics. It is not a new phenomenon. It is simple, proven sociology with empirical evidence. Just as studies show that blacks and Asians are more harshly punished for crimes involving white victims. The sick receive more sympathy and support when they are young and/or white. The young tend to befriend the young rather than entertain the wisdom of the mature and experienced.

The same sociological concept is applicable to any industry and/or setting. Why perpetuate this? Why not appreciate all people of all types? Why discriminate?