Melt cosmetics bang bang and summer

After having resisted as long as possible, I broke down and tried Melt Cosmetics. Anything over $12.00 for lipstick seems excessive. They all have the same basic ingredients: castor oil, wax, other oils, preservatives, and colorants.


Matte lipsticks tend to be drying due to lower oil content and different waxes (eg microcrystalline and ozokerite instead of candelilla or caranuaba). Melt Cosmetics is no different. In all fairness, my lips have not been the same since the allergic reaction to Beauty Bakerie and Lady Burd.

I selected Bang Bang due to my obsession with orange lipstick. It appears to have a coral undertone on my medium tan, olive skin. A little less coral than Dose of Colors Karma. The color is bright and definitely attracts attention.

It lasted as long as any other lipstick I have tried. I read reviews of other bloggers who stated Melt Cosmetics survives four to eight hours, possibly more, through food consumption. That was not the case for me. It did last a long time on my hand.

The texture is smooth but drying.

It is discretionarily suitable for professional office settings, but should be reserved for casual day or other out of office experiences.

It looks great when paired with Illamasqua Sleek Velvet Blusher.

I have stopped assigning numerical ratings, because my reviews are subjectively based on my own personal experiences. As such, any reaction or experience I may have is subject to my allergies and sensitivities. Not everyone will have the same reactions and/or experiences.

Sigma beauty brushes – professional freelance makeup artist

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