Runway pops of color – a little bit of teal

Every year, there seems to always be at least one runway makeup artist that does nude looks with the addition of a pop of color. This is a simple look that reinforces natural beauty. Anyone of any age can achieve this look, that is what makes it universal.


Adolescent participation in extracurricular activities and delinquency

Studies have shown that participation in extracurricular activities does not necessarily suppress delinquency.  For example, white football players are more likely to drink alcohol.  Female soccer players are more likely to be aggressive.  Male basketball players are less likely to smoke weed.

Research to date has ben based on inconsistent … MORE

Protect your pucker – how to use lip scrub

Want to have more kissable lips?  Read here to learn how to use lip scrub.  Prefer to watch a video?  No problem!

Bronze glam gets a kick to covet