Runway trends recycled

One thing is definite in keeping track of makeup trends: there are usually the same colors used in different ways, and each designer has his/her own signature style. Each season, each year, these trends are recycled. Read more here.


Lack of proper hydration can contribute to wrinkles. Many of us remember to apply lotions and creams to our arms and legs, but some forget to moisturize their faces. Moisturizers are essential to maintaining healthy skin. Equally as important is exfoliation. Remember to remove old, dead … MORE

Interview with Brow Rehab

Those of us who live in Florida cannot afford to visit Anastasia of Beverly Hills, so why not visit Brow Rehab in Miami? See my interview of Brow Rehab here!

What am I wearing


Me in wardrobe for my role in “Graceland.” Of course they made me change! There was a time in my life when I was mildly obsessed with fashion. I wore trendy clothes, fancy shoes, fashionable purses. Those days are long … MORE