Interview with Brow Rehab

Those of us who live in Florida cannot afford to visit Anastasia of Beverly Hills, so why not visit Brow Rehab in Miami? See my interview of Brow Rehab here!

What am I wearing


Me in wardrobe for my role in “Graceland.” Of course they made me change! There was a time in my life when I was mildly obsessed with fashion. I wore trendy clothes, fancy shoes, fashionable purses. Those days are long … MORE

Royal blue cat eye

Royal blue is a great color on medium tan / olive skin. It makes brown eyes sparkle. Paris fashion week 2014, photograph courtesy of Glamour, included modernized cat eyes. One cat eye I did in December 2013 was created using a royal blue, liquid eyeliner by Urban Decay. I … MORE

Are you in the wrong bra size?

According to statistics online, approximately 80% of females are wearing the wrong size bra.  Bianca, my friend’s niece, thought she was a 34C until she spoke with me.  My quest for the right bra was not easy as it was for her.

My entire breast life, … MORE