Shien cosmetics gold viper

Full review of Shien Cosmetics Gold Viper posted*. I am still testing it. So far, I am disappointed. It streaked and clumped over lip balm, lip primer, and lip pencils. It looks good on my hand, but I can still see the same issues. Stay tuned, because I will post after I have completely examined the product on bare lips.

If you like sheer lipsticks, Gold Viper may be right for you. It was not right for me.*


[UPDATED 03/16/2014]

Review of the lip bar lavender mojito

The Lip Bar Lavender Mojito

The Lip Bar Lavender Mojito was a limited edition color as part of their Secret Garden collection.  I posted a photo on Instagram, and the company saw how the product streaked.  They sent Purple Rain to replace my Lavender Mojito.

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The Lip Bar

Have you heard of the indie makeup brand The Lip Bar?  If not, they have great lipsticks.  The first one I reviewed, Lavender Mojito, was streaky.  The Lip Bar found out by seeing my picture on Instagram and sent a replacement.  Lavender Mojito was a limited edition item … MORE

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