Four leaf clover kit

Just when my luck was down, Caroline bought me a four leaf clover kit. After being in my possession for about a week, I learned I was accepted into graduate school for a PhD program.

Interview of pumps and pushups blogger brooke anderson

Pumps and Push-Ups

Today we interview Brooke Anderson of Pumps and Push-ups, who is a fellow Lucky Magazine contributor.  Her blog staff consists of a partnership between herself as a certified personal trainer, a registered dietitian, and a physician. Examiner:  Brooke, I think it is a great idea to combine fashion … MORE

Shien cosmetics gold viper over forbidden city


Not impressed with Gold Viper. A company representative suggested exfoliation prior to product use, but, even then, it was still not easy to use. On the FlipSide, Forbidden City is a beautiful orange based red. Their other colors appear blue based in … MORE

Plantar fasciitis

I doubt it is due to age, but many people suffer terrible foot pain.  Sometimes the pain is so severe that one may be impeded from walking.  Proper shoes can contribute to alleviation of foot pain, but I have tried several things to assuage the pain of my plantar fasciitis.