Interview of pumps and pushups blogger brooke anderson

Pumps and Push-Ups

Today we interview Brooke Anderson of Pumps and Push-ups, who is a fellow Lucky Magazine contributor.  Her blog staff consists of a partnership between herself as a certified personal trainer, a registered dietitian, and a physician. Examiner:  Brooke, I think it is a great idea to combine fashion … MORE

Cliques never mature

The beauty industry is fierce in itself. The best way to become successful is to network. For females, that means being extroverted. The core tenet of extroversion is, “How can knowing you benefit me?” In contrast, introverts think, “I’m sorry. Who are you? Sure, I don’t mind knowing you as … MORE

Things that make me smile…

My best friend’s daughter is adorable.

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Interview with Brow Rehab

Those of us who live in Florida cannot afford to visit Anastasia of Beverly Hills, so why not visit Brow Rehab in Miami? See my interview of Brow Rehab here!