Japanese tea ceremony

Japanese tea culture is a tradition dating back to Sen Rikyu in the 1500s. This is an excerpt of a Japanese tea ceremony taught by Dr. Eric Messersmith who studied under Sen Soshitsu XV. As it was the topic of my thesis, I will post a series about Japanese tea … MORE

Adolescent participation in extracurricular activities and delinquency

Studies have shown that participation in extracurricular activities does not necessarily suppress delinquency.  For example, white football players are more likely to drink alcohol.  Female soccer players are more likely to be aggressive.  Male basketball players are less likely to smoke weed.

Research to date has ben based on inconsistent … MORE

What are you?

That’s my all time favorite question. Typically, the conversation goes like this…

A: what are you?
B: human, hopefully same as you
A: yea but what are you?
B: a complex system of interdependent organs and organisms.
A: ha ha I mean where are you from?
B: earth. Again, hopefully same as you.
A: no, what country?
B: 100% born and bred in the USA. Made in America.
A: but I mean what’s your ethnicity?
B: American.
A: that’s not an ethnicity.
B: the definition of ethnicity is a group of people in a geography ershi on that share the same cultural values.
A: I mean where are your parents from?
B: a d-ck and a tw-t. Same as everyone that was born naturally.

At that point, the person is confused.

To answer the question, I am an American beauty blogger, retired American model, freelance makeup artist, freelance photographer, statistician, researcher, mature beauty blogger, beauty blogger over 40, student, graduate, Asian beauty blogger, entrepreneur. Shall I continue?

Vehicles are weapons