Brow rehab routine

This is my Brow Rehab routine. I use Brow Rehab products to create redefined brows. There are pros and cons to Brow Rehab Creams and WonderBrow when compared to Anastasia Beverly Hills. Before I get to a comparison or review, the picture is a step by step tutorial on how I use Brow Rehab creams as shown to me by Natalia of Brow Rehab.

1. Use a spoolie (mascara wand) to brush brows into place. Do not be discouraged if the brow hairs do not stay in place.

2. Take the density brush (flat, thick, dense brush) and tap it into the Brow Rehab Cream. About three to five taps should work.

3. Lightly stroke brow hairs, from anchor to arch, with the density brush. If you barely feel the brush, you are doing it correctly.

4. Tap the angled brush into the product.

5. Outline the lower portion of your brow, starting with the arch to the outer end.

6. Using the angled brush, outline the top of the outer end.

7. Outline the lower part of the brow from anchor to arch with the angled brush.

8. Sweep the brow hairs upward with short, quick strokes and work back toward the end from anchor to arch to end.

9. Outline the top part of brow from arch to end then anchor to arch.

10. Use spoolie to brush brows and spread product.

You should not need to reload product unto the brushes when doing one brow at a time. Most of the product will be from arch to end. In following these steps, the product on the brush decreases as you make it back to the anchor. The brow hairs are typically more sparse near the nose bridge.

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