Dissident Gym Wear Ambassador

100% cotton, motivational shirts. Great for those of us who are allergic to polyester. They fit small. With a 34I/32J, I mainly wear Freya, Royce, Anita, and Elomi, I had to get a large. Use this link for 15% off Dissident Gym Wear.

Dissident Gym Wear Earned not Given Shirt

Have sensitive skin and seeking an all cotton shirt for the gym or street wear? Dissident Gym Wear has some 100% cotton shirts that are comfortable and breathe as you exercise. This Earned NOT Given shirt was my first purchase when I became a Dissident Gym Wear Ambassador. At the time, my measurements were 43"-32"-43", […]

Why I no longer support diva mode fitnessĀ 

Diva Mode Fitness claims to be based on female empowerment. Their ambassador program is supposed to help the ambassador succeed through support and sales. However, sales were not credited, and support was not given. My questions went unanswered. Here is a list of items that make Diva Mode Fitness a poorly organized company with shady […]

Dissident Gym Wear black compression shorts

Although I am ambassador for Dissident Gym Wear, I will not refrain from posting honest opinions. Research studies show autistic people are not likely to be dishonest. I was reticent to try the compression shorts, because I have very sensitive skin. Polyester charge my skin raw, breaking it open, trapping fibers, and blistering. However, I […]